Hanging feeders are ideal for seeds, nuts and grains. Nut feeders are made from a wire mesh approximately 6mm wide and are ideal for peanuts. Seed feeders are transparent tubes with feeding holes strategically placed around the cylinder. They attract a host of different types of bird including Tits, Siskins and Greenfinches. As Niger seed is very small this should be offered in its own special hanging feeder.

Hanging feeders can be placed at various points around the garden and offer a variety of seeds and grain to attract lots of different types of birds. It is important to regularly clean these feeders to ensure that disease (E-Coli for example) does not spread among the birds, a special disinfectant that isn’t harmful to birds can be purchased.

A ground feeder should be mounted no more than 10cm off the ground and it is advised that food is refreshed and that they are fractionally moved each day to minimise the build-up of droppings and the risk of disease. A variety of food can be offered on the ground feeders but be aware that larger types of bird (pheasants and pigeons) will be attracted to feed on these as well as smaller types (wren, starlings and robins).

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