Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On – 3tmnt

Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On – 3tmnt


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**CONTAINS FIPRONIL – THE SAME ACTIVE INGREDIENT AS FRONTLINE!** Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On Solution 50mg for cats is for killing fleas on your cat. It is applied at the back of the cat’s neck and between the shoulders. Each treatment provides protection against fleas for up to 5 weeks. Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On can be used on cats over 2 months old and is suitable for use in homes with both cats and dogs. Regular treatment of all cats and dogs in the home with effective flea killing products together with regular vacuuming of your pet’s bedding and resting areas is needed to protect your pet and home from fleas. If there is an existing and heavy infestation in the home it may also be necessary to treat the home with an approved home flea product.

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