Gourmet Gold Savoury Cake with Chicken – 85g

Gourmet Gold Savoury Cake with Chicken – 85g


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GOURMET Gold Adult Cat Savoury Cake Chicken Wet Food Can 85g. Your cat is a real connoisseur who loves variety in her meals, and you are always looking for new combinations of flavour and texture to surprise and delight her refined palate. That’s why GOURMET Gold created Savoury Cake, a delicious new range made with high quality ingredients in a new cake texture, for a delightful eating experience they will surely enjoy. INGREDIENTS Meat and animal derivatives (of which Chicken 4%), Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives, Minerals, Various sugars. ANALYTICAL CONTENT Moisture: 74.0%; Protein: 18.0%; Fat content:3.6%; Crude ash:1.9%; Crude fibres: 0.25%. FEEDING GUIDE For an adult cat of 4 kg, 2 to 3 cans/day in separate meals. Serve at room temperature. Water as needed.

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