How To Stop Squirrels Eating Bird Food

How To Stop Squirrels Eating Bird Food


How To Stop Squirrels Eating Bird Food

There are lots of bird feeders on the market and very few are squirrel resistant. If you have a problem with squirrels or want your birds and squirrels to live happily alongside each other in your garden, then follow these tips.

Buy a squirrel resistant bird feeder – a caged feeder restricting access to the food by squirrels but which still allows smalls birds from feeding.

Purchase a ‘Guardian’ which is a squirrel resistant cage that fits over the top of a regular bird feeder.

Invest in a more technological feeder which has a weight-activated shut off to the feeding port, so as soon as the squirrel lands on the feeder the access is closed.

Add a squirrel baffler, or dome to a hanging feeder to act as a blocker so that the squirrel cannot shimmy down the hanger to the feeder. A cheap way of doing this is to make a hole in the base of a plastic bowl and hang upside down over the top of the feeder.

Dust chilli powder over the contents of the bird table or bird feeders. Whilst birds don’t mind a hint of chilli, squirrels don’t like the hot, spicy flavour and will leave the food alone.

Try diversionary tactics by providing a squirrel feeder and leaving out food that is blended especially for them. What do squirrels like to eat?.

Have you successfully managed to get rid of squirrels from your loft? What worked for you? We’d love for you to share your ideas and tips with us.


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