Komodo Thermostat, 300w

Komodo Thermostat, 300w


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On/Off Thermostats

Precision is paramount when using any thermostatically controlled heat source, and our On/Off Thermostats are guaranteed to maintain the required temperature to within.

How they work – On/Off stats are the least expensive and the most basic thermostat in the Komodo rnge and they regulate the temperature by switching the heater on and off. If the sensor reads a temperature that is too warm, it switches the heater off, too cols it switches the heater on.

Ideal for – We recommend the use of the 100W thermostat with our Advanced Heat Mats,
Whilst the 300W Thermostat can be used with any of our incandescent Spotlight bulbs and ceramic heat lamp.

Unit size 8 x 5 x 3cm
Plug and socket cable size 85cm
Probe Cable size:85cm

Suitable for:
– Desert Set Ups
– Rain forest Set Ups
– Vivariums
– Terrariums
– All Species

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