Lily’s Kitchen Cat Pillow Treat Chicken, 60g

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Pillow Treat Chicken, 60g


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Cats twirl their tails for these perfectly formed pillow-shaped treats, with the crunchy shell and soft centre that’s their favourite (and not unlike cats themselves…).
Not to suggest that our beloved felines can be anything other than compliant… but we’ve created the ultimate bribe cat treats, for when you need to be just a little extra persuasive. Fancy a cuddle but your cat’s napping? Reach for these scrumptious treats. Need to introduce them to your colleagues on Zoom, but your cat’s napping? Reach for them again. Want to chat about your day, but your cat’s… you get the gist.

And best of all, no matter how guilty you feel for waking them, you can feed around 10 treats a day guilt-free, as they’re made with proper chicken and fish, and contain no added sugars or grains.

Join us in the rebellion as we stand against rubbish cat food and treats packed with nasties, and stand up for treats made with natural ingredients, that still taste incredible.

Made with proper meat and fish
Natural ingredients
No added sugars
Grain-free recipe
Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside

These treats are suitable for cats from 6 months old

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