Pet Head Mucky Puppy Conditioner, 250ml

Pet Head Mucky Puppy Conditioner, 250ml


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In stock


Made for those precious little pups, this pear fragranced softening conditioner is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Wash your pup with the puppy shampoo and rinse well. Next apply the puppy conditioner and massage well. Once you rinse out really well, brush, blow dry and your fur baby will be ready to turn some tails.

* Wholesome & natural ingredients

* Gluten & nut free for safety

* Free of parabens, sulphates and dyes

* No harsh preservatives or surfactants

* Safe to use on puppies > 8 weeks old

* 100% recyclable bottles

Also available in the range: Pet Head Mucky Puppy Shampoo and Spray

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