Pooch&Mutt Joints Daily Care Supplement, 100g

Pooch&Mutt Joints Daily Care Supplement, 100g


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These tasty tablets developed by vets include powerful vital ingredients to help aid stiff joints & mobility, reduce pain and aid joint comfort. They’re the perfect preventative measure for breeds prone to joint issues, or very active/working dogs that need extra care for all of their additional wear and tear. Ensure that as your pooch ages their joints remain healthy and strong so they can bound along beside you for the duration of their life.

Our secret ingredient: TYPE II COLLAGEN

Alongside vital joint care ingredients Glucosamine & Chondroitin, our Daily Care Joint supplements contain collagen which makes up over 70% of dog’s cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Stores of Collagen within the body diminish as dog’s get older, therefore a supplement enriched with collagen can help reduce signs of ageing and help to maintain joint integrity.

These bitesize tablets are extra tasty and can be fed as a treat throughout the day (within recommended feeding guidelines) or added whole/crushed to food at mealtimes.

Smaller in size means that they’re perfect for smaller pooches, and also help provide a more accurate dose of these powerful ingredients – check out the feeding guide for more information.

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